A History of The Grille

Seasoned restaurateurs Juan Gando and Dustin Parfitt have combined their youthful exuberance with the energy and passion of Executive Chef/Partner Clay Carnes to present The Grille Fashion Cuisine.

Opened in October of 2011, The Grille took its place amongst the finest dining experiences in Wellington, Florida. Presenting fresh, in-house made culinary delicacies such as baked breads and gelatos, The Grille offers New American Bistro Cuisine that borrows from Latin and other world flavors and fuses them with American classics.

The Grille is a testament to the vision of the young owners and their commitment to combine their various backgrounds into one exceptional culinary experience.

Definition of Fashion Cuisine

Fashion Cuisine is an atmosphere. Like the grapes that make a fine wine, Fashion Cuisine absorbs all the qualities of its surroundings and infuses those attributes into its food.

An establishment that offers Fashion Cuisine is modern and exciting. It is a place where people go, not only to dine on exceptional food, but to see and be seen. It is where people go to live life! People take great care in how they prepare and present themselves to the world; Fashion Cuisine takes the same care with its culinary and atmospheric offerings.

Fashion Cuisine not only tastes exquisite, it is presented as art; people eat first with their eyes. It is seen and enjoyed before it even tantalizes the taste buds. It is the scent in the air, the flush on the skin, the thumping in the chest. Fashion Cuisine draws from the passion and desires of its guests to deliver a unique dining experience that tantalizes all of the senses.

Meet the Staff